101 in 1001

I absolutely love Mackenzie's "101 in 1001" list. I think it's such a great idea and am really looking forward to accomplishing these goals in the next 2.75 years. Check back for updates and let me know if you decide to make your own list!

end date: April 9, 2016

1. go to a Bruins playoff game
2. move out
3. run in a 5k, 10k, and half
4. buy an iMac
5. figure out my best workout routine
6. continue to work on & grow my blog
7. get engaged
8. be able to better define "my style"
9. learn a new language
10. write a book, whether cookbook or novel
11. start my own garden
12. tryout for a cooking show
13. knit something besides a scarf
14. go camping
15. find a skincare & makeup regimen that works for me
16. have a picnic
17. host a dinner party
18. attend a food & wine festival
19. stop biting my nails
20. have my picture in a Vineyard Vines catalogue
21. attend a wine tasting or beer festival
22. hike 5 new trails
23. go to chowderfest
24. attend a book signing
25. start a cookbook collection
26. go antiquing at Brimfield
27. avoid eating out for one month
28. throw a surprise party
29. join the Junior League
30. plan out meals for a week, two, or four
31. establish a budget and stick to it
32. become more involved and active in Levo League
33. read one hundred and one new books {Under the Dome by Stephen King, Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, The English Girl by Daniel Silva, The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith, The Expats by Chris Pavone, Relish by Daphne Oz, Divergent by Veronica Roth, }
34. invest in my own domain
35. learn how to code & design
36. volunteer
37. get a massage
38. visit three new museums
39. find the perfect pair of riding boots
40. go to a Paint Nite event
41. achieve & maintain my goal weight
42. host a giveaway
43. establish a morning routine
44. attend a charity event
45. learn how to properly lift weights
46. try twenty new restaurants
47. learn how to gift wrap
48. have business cards made
49. go skinny dipping
50. visit a vineyard
51. organize my wardrobe & donate or get rid of things I don't need or wear
52. find my perfect hairstyle/color
53. have my ear fixed so I can wear earrings again!
54. invest in a classic handbag
55. try couponing for a month
56. organize my medical files
57. paint a pair of Toms
58. purchase and learn how to use Photoshop
59. find a mentor
60. collaborate with a brand I love
61. go to Countryfest
62. try being vegan for a month
63. re-read five classic novels
64. optimize the blog and learn more about SEO
65. unplug completely for a weekend
66. attend a blog conference
67. join a book club
68. host a murder mystery dinner party
69. try a cleanse
70. spend money only on necessities for a month
71. organize my itunes library
72. complete a 30 day meditation challenge
73. learn to drive stick
74. go apple picking
75. learn how to play bridge
76. get a promotion
77. visit a state I haven't been to yet
78. buy satin sheets
79. watch all the seasons of Gossip Girl 
80. reconnect with an old friend
81. attend a Ted conference or Tedx event
82. set aside more time when getting ready to accesorize
83. adopt (or buy) a puppy
84. go a week without hitting the snooze button
85.start a collection of my nanny's recipes
86. get back into spinning & yoga
87. visit Canada
88. take more cooking classes with Helene
89. get a new tattoo
90. invest in a camera
91. become a member at a Boston area museum
92. support NPR
93. take an impromptu weekend trip with Jay
94.make and meet up with a blog friend
95. learn how to best use excel
96. go to Flour Bakery
97. see a musical
98. become more financially literate
99. find the perfect pair of pants
100. save $10 for every goal accomplished
101. write my next 101 in 1001 list!

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