Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Because It's The Cup: Bruins!

If you've read any of my tweets lately then you know I'm a pretty big Bruins fan. I love hockey and the Bruins are my hometown (and hands down favorite!) team. Their talent, heart, and dedication to Boston and their fans makes the Bruins, in my opinion, the best team in hockey and the most fun to watch. To me, there's nothing better then coming home from a long day of work to sit back and watch a game. After a crazy game seven in the first round of playoffs (talk about a nail biting, anxiety ridden, but oh so awesome game!) the Bruins have kicked some butt and made it all the way to tonight's game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I'll admit I was pretty nervous going into the playoffs against Chicago but I'm liking the way this series is going! Tonight, like all of the games in this series so far, will surely be an awesome, pretty much down to the wire type of game. But what else can you expect when two of the best teams in the NHL are playing against each other?

Here's hoping this song plays over and over tonight!

Are you a hockey fan?

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