Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life Lately

Super obvious confession: I have been a terrible, terrible blogger lately. 

I got wrapped up with work, bridesmaid obligations, my new Skillcrush class (which I'm obsessed with and absolutely enjoying so, so very much!) and completely neglected this little blog. And to my surprise I missed it a whole lot. 

When I started blogging I did it as an experiment of sorts, to see if I could let my guard down and share my opinions, interests, and beliefs without completely censoring myself out in fear of alienating someone or seeming weird. I've always been so self conscious and I thought blogging might help with that and help me to become more comfortable with using my voice. I wanted to see if I could navigate blogger, figure out domain names, etc. While I haven't always been the most faithful, or consistent of bloggers I have enjoyed playing around and growing in my little corner of the internet and I don't have any intention of ending Sophisticated Sass' adventure anytime soon. 
Till next time,

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