Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adventures Without Power and Nemo Updates

Due to Storm Nemo I, along with the majority of my town, have been without power since Friday night. This had definitely made for an interesting weekend.

Unfortunately Jay has been out working pretty much constantly since the storm started. This has led to us probably spending a whole hour together in the last three days. Very unusual for us and definitely now my first choice on how to spend the storm but at least he's making some extra cash!

As for me, I've been spending the last few days knitting, reading, and playing card games with my family (along with plotting out where to next charge my phone of course haha). We were worried that it was going to get too cold today but lucky one of our neighbors hooked us up to his generator so now we have heat, some electricity, and are able to run our refrigerator! Feeling very lucky and grateful today.

Here are some pictures of the damage Nemo has left behind:

Power lines and trees down on my street! 

Allie trying to use the snowblower

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